DIY Thursday: More Handmade Goodness

I finished two small projects this week in anticipation of a wedding we're going to in California. Actually, we leave in just a couple of hours, so this has to be a quick post!

I made the bride and groom a Happy Wedding card in which to put our gift (a Visa GC). Sorry the light in these photos is no good; I didn't have time to retake them, sadly. But you get the idea.
And my second project: after searching in vain for a fabric I liked to make a clutch of my own pattern, my mother-in-law gave me an old make-up bag of hers out of this really great, bright paisley linen lined with wax or something, so it's really stiff and holds its shape well. It was also really thick, and I had kind of a tough time doing the pleats, but since I just wanted something relatively simple in shape, and the fabric pretty much speaks for itself, I whipped up this little number after taking the old bag apart. I just lined the top with a chocolate silk ribbon, and put a placket inside with a magnetic clasp. I refuse to show you the inside because I did this in a hurry and my mechanics are all showing, and they're not pretty, let me tell you. But it is functional, and it was free, and it wasn't a complete blunder when it was finished (at least on the outside).

That's all for today! I won't be back at home until late Monday, so I'm going to take a bit of a blogging break to enjoy wedding festivities. I hope your weekend is lovely too!

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