DIY Thursday: Tissue Paper Flowers

The tutorial for these beautiful tissue flowers appeared in a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine the year before I got married, and my mom and bridesmaids helped me to make them for our wedding. We hung them over the fireplace at the front of the ballroom where we held both the ceremony and reception, and also from the huge chandelier in the middle of the room -- you can just see them over our heads in a shot of my Dad walking me in.

I love the idea of hanging them for birthday parties and other festive occasions too, and they're really simple (and inexpensive) to make! Here are the basic steps shown in photos, from the Martha Stewart Crafts page, but go here to get a full list of necessary materials and printed instructions as well.


  1. Wow! How fun and creative! I really like them. Thanks for sharing your ideas and your creativity. I always find pleasure in everything you post.

  2. Ah, and what a lovely wedding it was. Snow on the tulips...:)

  3. Beautiful! This is absolutely creative. Thank you for sharing.This can be very helpful to everyone. God bless you!

  4. I love those! I saw a tutorial on them (they were orange) and am really excited to use them in a backyard party!

    Also unrelated, I found your site by searching first friday, and I'm so happy I did! I moved to lubbock a few weeks ago and love seeing crafty people from my new home town :). Maybe I'll actually get crazy and update my site one of these days, haha.


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