Shop Re-Vamp

My graphic designer (aka, my husband) and I finally had time to sit down, brainstorm, and finish my new Etsy banner this weekend! I'm really happy with it, and even though Mr. Perfectionist says we still have some work to do, I'm just glad to have something a little more thoughtful and polished than my old banner, and one that fits in with the new look of the shop. Stop by and see for yourself, and please let me know what you think! Too girly? Wrong font? Hard to read?

Speaking of the new look of the shop, if you happen to visit, you'll see several new items, just listed this weekend!


  1. I love it!!! It seems very fitting and it is absolutely lovely. Wonderfully put together!

  2. The banner looks fabulous! I can't see any flaw at all. Tell Mr. Pink Street that it's great.

    Plus, I love the new jewelry. Seeing your promotional sales, I think I just might have to place an order on your birthday for something for me for my birthday. hehe

  3. Thanks, for the positive feedback on the shop update, guys! That's awfully kind of you.

    I'll tell Mr. T. what you said, Jess. By the way, if a certain birdie (i.e., a certain husband) were to drop some hints to indicate which of the items in my shop you like best, there might be a chance you wouldn't have need of the 22% discount on my birthday. So tell your birdie to call my birdie. If you want.

  4. It's quite a lovely banner! Looks like your sales are picking up too - great! And that is a fabulous bracelet!


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