DIY Thursday: Handmade Card

Today's DIY Thursday features a craft project I actually did make myself. I received an order in my Etsy shop this week which was a birthday gift, and the purchaser requested that I send a note with the gift telling the recipient "Happy Birthday from ---." As I'm sure most of you know, handmade cards are my second favorite hobby, behind jewelry, so it was a pleasure to send something special to the birthday girl.

First, I wrapped a plain white box in a fun paper I had laying around. I love wrapping the lids and bases of boxes separately so that you don't have to tear the paper to get into them, and they can be reused perpetually. Then I added some lovely chocolate silk ribbon, and a tag tied with pink and brown baker's twine, embellished with the recipient's initial.

Then, the fun part. I found some coordinating papers that looked lovely with the gift wrap, and just sort of improvised as I went along, which is pretty much my typical m.o. with my cards, in general.

I debated putting this little note on the back of the card, because it seemed a little self-serving. But when you're a small business, you take your advertising opportunities when they present themselves. Plus, everyone loves a discount coupon, right?

Ta-da! Another order shipped, and maybe if I'm lucky, another fan of pink street design!

By the way, something funny -- this order is going to Wilmore, KY! What a small world, huh, Ash?


  1. I have the cleverist and most creative daughter in the whole world! Now I think you get THAT from me - NOT!

  2. good gracious that's a beautiful gift presentation!


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