Little Letters

Dear Allergies,
I see that you and I are to have an epic battle. But if you beat me this time, I'll be back armed with more antihistamines and decongestants than ever. Beware my retribution, which shall be swift and silent.

Dear Husband,
I'm sorry I woke you up this morning with my violent sneezing. And I'm sorry I sound like a ninja when I sneeze. (I know it isn't ladylike, but what can I do?)

Dear People Who Re-Opened Cold Stone,
You are my hero. Thank you. Thank you. Again and forever, thank you.

Dear Boris Becker,
I'll be a tennis star too someday. You just watch and see.

Dear Etsy shop,
I'm sorry I had to take some items away from you. I'm working on some updates, and I need just a little more time to make you beautiful again. Your day in the sun will come, don't worry.

Dear Hot Hot Summer,
I hate to be impolite, but I'm quite tired of you now. Can you move over and make a little room for Autumn?

Dear Stray Dog Who Hangs Around Our House,
You're very cute, you really are, but I can't take you in. I'm sorry. I tried that experiment once, and it failed quite miserably.

Dear PBS,
I know that you need support from viewers like me, but could we please return to regularly scheduled programming now? I'm having Masterpiece withdrawals here.

Dear Everyone Reading My Blog,
Thanks. That's awfully kind of you. Please leave a comment once in a while, so I don't think I'm just talking to myself all the time.


  1. Dear Sister,
    I dearly love reading your blog, and here is your proof that you aren't just talking to yourself!
    Signed - PBJ Sandwich expert, alias - Mop

  2. Dear Sarah,
    Your dear little letters are terribly adorable and made me giggle. You are completely honest in them and extremely cute. It is quite delightful following your blog.
    Sincerely, E.D. Latham

    P.S. I LOVE your precious jewelry!


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