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I'm off work today! Hooray! Despite the fact that I'm now sitting here staring at my computer screen, I can assure you all that I actually have been spectacularly productive today. Random weekdays off on an infrequent basis usually do inspire my latent productivity. I've already crossed six things off of my 10-item to-do list, so I'm feeling pretty happy about that. Since I'm feeling like continuing to bask in my blush-colored shade of contentedness presently, I'll make you a list of 10 more things that make me very happy.

1. A good book and a little morning reading to accompany my breakfast cereal. (Check.)
2. Old postcards. (Check.)

3. Antiques shopping on a weekday morning. (Check.)

4. This color, by Martha Stewart (found at Lowe's).

5. My sweet husband.
6. Diet Dr. Pepper with Vanilla and Cream during Sonic Happy hour. (Check.)
7. Making jewelry. (Sneak peek now, more to come tomorrow!)

8. New shoes. (Thanks, Mom!)
9. Afternoon tea in a vintage jadeite mug.
10. Being alive in God's beautiful world, in every new day that He gives me.


  1. You are welcome - too cute!

  2. I think this picture makes my feet look fat. Oh well. You'll just have to believe me that my feet actually do look small and cute in my pretty new sandals.

  3. I believe you! I know you have cute little feet, which you didn't get from me!


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