How To Add Curb Appeal

I mentioned here a couple of months ago that we'd finally made plans to get the house painted. It took a while for us to set a date with the painters, but they came, sanded, stripped, repaired, painted, de-caged, and ... voila!

Hooray for cute little houses in old neighborhoods. The garage door is finicky, paradise trees regularly attack us and our friendly plantlife, and it's quite true that we've frequently battled plumbing/bug/squirrel/gasline/air duct issues, but it's our little house, and we love it. And it's now the cutest one on the block!

Coming soon: dark brown shutters (handmade, naturally), pots painted red to match the front door for the window box, a climbing English rose on the front, and a healthy hedge trim!


  1. Oh, wow, Sarah! It's gorgeous. I thought it was one of those cute pictures you sometimes post of homes you'd like to have, but no! It's your actual house! I loooove the porch. I'll have to come sit on it with you soon and drink some Italian sodas.

  2. Yay! That sounds fantastic. Bring Cate, and we'll teach her to wave and heckle the passers-by.

  3. It IS absolutely beautiful, and for sure the cutest house on the block now, maybe the whole neighborhood!

  4. Oh, she's already a good heckler. Clive gets the majority of it though. He'd probably be grateful if she'd direct her shrill squealing at someone else. Can't wait to give your neighbors an ear-full!


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