Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Pink Street Design and Seaside Vintage

Before I get started on today's real post about the lovely Etsy shop I'm featuring, I want to tell you about the terrific Summer Sale and Promotion I'm doing in my own shop!

First, details about the promotion:
My two year Etsy-versary is coming up in September; help me get to 100 sales by the end of the month! Every customer to place an order from now through the entire month of September will receive a free pair of earrings with their purchase, any person to place an order on my birthday, September 22nd, will receive the earrings AND 22% off their order total (refunded through PayPal). Plus, my 100th sale will receive an extra-special gift in addition to the free gift earrings! Help me celebrate Pink Street's First Year on Etsy!

And to make this promotion even better, I've marked down many of my sale items even further, and have added several more to the Sale section. Check it out here, and give one of them a new home!

And now that I've made that very exciting announcement, I'll move on to what you're probably here for: today's real Etsy Treasure Tuesday post, featuring Seaside Vintage, an absolutely lovely shop full of beautiful vintage items for the home, which would fit in perfectly in a pretty little shabby-chic cottage by the ocean, or in a regular home in a regular place. Here are some things I would love to have in my home, even though it's quite inescapably land-locked (except on the rare occasion when it rains/floods in Lubbock).

I love the gorgeous old carved feel of this non-wood wall shelf; it would look fantastic repainted in black, brown, or a brighter color, but I think the traditional gold has a lovely charm too.

I think these vintage fabric iron-on appliques would be so cute added to a fabric bag or purse, or ironed onto a plain white flour sack or solid tea towel to jazz it up a little (which would, by the way, look beautiful in my/your red kitchen).

This gorgeous apothecary jar would be beautiful and helpful in a bathroom or on a vanity or dressing table.

But this vintage faux wood wallpaper is my absolute favorite. There are sooo many possibilities here, because it's paintable. It would look fantastic not only on the wall, but to make a DIY headboard, revamping an old piece of furniture as a sort of veneer, or in a frame or shadowbox as a background/handmade mat for some handmade artwork. (At this very moment, I'm having to try and talk myself out of buying it all up instantly.)

(All photos by Seaside Vintage, and linked to their sources.)

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