New Items Up In the Shop!

I've added ten brand new pieces to the pink street designs Etsy shop since Monday. And besides that, I re-photographed everything which was already in the shop; it's a completely new look. I'm still tweaking some of the photos to make them more clear and less grainy, so please excuse the ones that look a little messy, but I'd really like to hear your thoughts on whether or not I accomplished the "come in and look around around a bit" welcoming feel I was hoping to achieve (see my post here where I explain a little further). I'm still learning a lot about styling and lighting and taking appealing photos, and it would help so much to get some feedback from all of you!

Here are a few sneak peeks. To see all of the others, go here.


  1. was just at your etsy- love "falling". you're very talented


  2. I looked at this yesterday, and I think you did great! I love the new look, photos are great, and the new pieces are beautiful!


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