Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Nest * Pretty Things

Nest * Pretty Things by Tamar is one shop I'm so loving right now. Although I love brights, I've always been drawn to soft, romantic, flowery pastels. It seems so in tune with spring that I'm really feeling pulled to do some similar things in my shop. What encourages me so much is that Tamar has photographed her items in so many different ways -- some on a model, some on flowery vintage papers, some with ribbon, some on green glass jars, some on an old lampshade or vintage dress. I've changed my method of photographing my items at least five times since I opened my shop in November of 2007, and haven't yet come up with something that I'm perfectly happy with; but Tamar inspires me to be a little more free, a little less perfectionistic, perhaps, and her shop convinces me that cohesiveness can be created without common backdrops or one specific mode of setup.

Take a look at some of her beautiful items, and how she's photographed them, and then go and check out her entire shop, which is wonderful. Then, tell me if it draws you in like it did me, and I'd love to hear why you think that is, and your suggestions for how I can do the same thing with my shop (which is at the moment, frankly, languishing with boredom and inactivity).

I think it pulled me in because it's like walking into a fairy tale. And that experience is worth a lot -- more than the items she's selling. If I can create that same sort of atmosphere, it would make me, and I hope a lot of others, very happy. So, any advice?

(All images by Tamar at Nest * Pretty Things.)

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  1. Looking at Tamar's photography I see a lot of well balanced color. Her objects are taken with simple backgrounds so that there is not a lot of distractions.The photos are crisp and clean. Beautiful work~


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