Something great happened today which made me much more cheerful than I've been for the past few days. Danni of oh, hello friend announced details for the 2010 Lovely Package Exchange! As soon as I read about this project on her blog last year (too late, sadly to participate myself), I got super excited, and vowed that I would not be too late to share in the fun this year. I'm pretty sure it's all set -- I got in under 300, so I should be receiving details very soon!

For those of you who don't follow oh, hello friend, here's a short recap: Danni began the Lovely Package Exchange project last year to promote new friendships among bloggers all over the world. Basically, you sign up to particpate, you're paired up with another person, and you swap cute, thoughtful little gifts in lovely packages, naturally. Here are some photos Danni put together from photos compiled in the flickr group organized for last year's exchange:
If you want to participate too, hop over and read the details post on oh, hello friend, and comment quick as you can! Spaces fill up super fast, it seems.

(Individual photos by various people, posted in the Lovely Package 2009 flickr group; mosaic composite images by Danni.)

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  1. I joined the exchange too! Maybe we'll be swap partners!


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