Etsy Treasure Tuesday: KnitKnit

My weekend was packed full of board games with lovely friends; the infamous PaintTheSewingTable project (which had a few ups and downs, and is currently still preventing me from parking in my garage); a shower for G&L and Baby Eli (who, unfortunately, was disinclined to attend himself); and visiting the library for some Edith Wharton designed to serve as a stand-in so that I can ration the precious 100 last pages of the Book Club book (it's soooooo good, and I'm trying to savor it and not finish it too long before next Wednesday's meeting).

But the show must go on! I have some loveliness to share with you today which must be deferred no longer. As you know by now, I'm sure, I have a love bordering on obsession with cameos and silhouettes, so it should come as no surprise that I love the following from a wonderful Etsy shop called KnitKnit:


I can't decide which I like better, brown on cream, or white on brown. Oh, but there's more felted goodness.


Isn't that wonderful -- a crocheted postcard! Now that's creativity for you: soft cable-knit wool perfectly blended with old-fashioned letter-writing. I'm a fan.

(All images pulled from the KnitKnit Etsy shop.)

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  1. I love the felted balls necklace.

    And thank you for your comment yesterday in return. I just love "meeting" people who are so much like me...we can totally be bloggy friends :)


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