Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Citefuzz

I got to meet my sweet little newphew Eli for the first time ever last weekend: he's finally at home now and doing just peachy, except that his very sleepy parents tell me that he's still working out some confusion regarding which is night and which is day. He seems like a pretty sharp little guy; I'm sure he'll figure it out soon. Anyway, because he came a little earlier than expected, he's still fairly small, and his mom was lamenting the fact that they haven't been able to find cute little caps that fit his tiny head. And that's how today's Etsy feature was born!

I'm happy to introduce to you, Citefuzz, a lovely shop full of adorable knitted items for the wee. (No, not the Wii, the wee; careful not to confuse the two, or you'll be shaking a toddler at a television, and that doesn't tend to work out well for anyone involved.) Have a peek at all of the cuteness you can put on your little one's head.
Ears! Isn't that fantastic!

And little flaps, to keep his baby ears toasty.

This is about how tiny Eli's would have to be at present:

But he's a very hip little fella, so he'd wear it like this:

And I kind of wish I could get one of these for myself:

The hat, Mop, not the baby -- simmer down there, and stop squealing, people can hear you.

There are so many different colors, and several different styles to choose from. Head over to Citefuzz, if that's your thing, and check them out!


  1. OHMYGOODNESS!! too cute for words :)

    thanks for visiting my blog sarah!

    ps. have you gotten your partner for the lovely package exchange?

  2. I know what you REALLY meant, and one day, she or he can wear all of these adorable little hats! England, here they come!

  3. Sarah, you are hilarious! Your wii joke and that bit about Mop squealing...LOL.

    Seriously, I'm going to need a baby pronto so he/she can wear that first cap with the ears. I love it!


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