In two months and one day hub and I will be off on our brilliant English vacation! Hooray! Our new passports have arrived, all of our lodgings are booked, activities are planned, and all that remains is for me to get to work on the bag I've planned to make which shall accompany us on all outings and innings and sight-seeings and explorations. I have several larger bags which would do, but I want this one to be a little more versatile; I'd like the strap to be adjustable so that I can make it longer when I want to wear it cross-shoulder, then shorter again when I want to do the typical single-shoulder thing. It also has to go with everything, so it will most likely be a solid natural linen or something of that sort. The style is what I haven't fully decided on yet. Here are some lovely bags I've been admiring on Etsy lately, beginning with the first, Array Corrente handbag from coriehumble, which was my initial inspiration.

Next up, this great ruched leather bag by iragrant, whose large totes I've been a fan of for a long time.

This pretty pink one by ZhenUNleathers also caught my eye (obviously) and has some details that I like.

While we're on the subject of pretty pink bags, I had to include this one from CindyMars7. I love the contrasting placket on the top, accented with a doily, lace, and a button. I also really like the pleats. I think this is a shape and style I might try and replicate if only I can get those pleats right!

But if I were going to add a color accent to a neutral bag, it would be yellow. I'm currently smitten with yellow, and it probably has a lot to do with the fact that it seems to announce summer and warmth and lightness, and I don't think I could be any more tired of winter and cold and cloudiness. Ugh. So this charming bag by CalviRee is perfect, plus the fun burlap ticking straps (which I already have in my fabric stock, actually).

But even those ticking straps can be beat by a whacking great bow. If the pleats don't work out, I'm pretty sure I can manage a huge bow -- and on it goes! to mask all technical deficiencies and make the world right again! (Yellow Harris bag by breagha.)

So there you are. My bag may be a strange combination of all of the above, or it may look like none of them in particular. I make no boasts about my proficiency as a seamstress. Single stitch in straight lines is about the extent of my expertise. So wish me luck!

Oh, and send me photos or links to other bags you think I might like to see; I never get tired of bags!


  1. How exciting!
    I hope your project goes well.

  2. I hope you meant TWO months and a day, or we booked your tickets wrong! Cool bags!

  3. Both your yellow picks are awesome awesome awesome!


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