Etsy Treasure Tuesday: The Wheatfield

Katie Lombardo of The Wheatfield is one of my favorite artists; I love her colors, her creative typography, the incorporation of flowers, growing things, and nature into her charming designs. Here are a few of my favorites from her Etsy shop, but if you like her style, you really must check out her flickr as well -- there's so much more to love!

(all images are pulled from The Wheatfield Etsy shop, and are Katie's original artwork.)


  1. Wow, those are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing. There are SO many artists on Etsy that sometimes I don't know where to begin -- it's nice to get a "lead."

  2. Yay, these are great! I am so thrilled Wheatfield is featured on your blog. Great stuff! A few weeks ago I added Ampersand, The Birdhouse, Be Here Now, and You Are My Sunshine. Oh, if I could only get one of each from her shop. What a fun post!

  3. wow, i am adding this to my Etsy faves! gorgeous!


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