Grand Opening

So I mentioned just after returning from the holiday break that I bought a new desk and organizational supplies for a lovely new workspace. In order to make that lovely new workspace a reality, however, much unpleasantness must be got through first. I have to clean out the spare bedroom which, for three years now, has held all of my old single/little girl furniture, and literally 23 years of "keepsake" stuff. (You have no idea. Yesterday, when cleaning out my dresser, I found 12 old diaries and journals, the first dating back to 1986, when I was five. I discovered an early rock collection, including gemstone-colored agates, and I also found the first love letter I ever received, from the adorable Chad in 3rd grade. I still had the sweat-stained gym clothes I was given in sixth grade, when forced to do laps around the parking lot in P.E., with all of the other kids who weren't on our school's sports teams. I think I may have kept those as a reminder that at some point in my life, I did run.)

Anyway, part of this grand catharthis project on which I have embarked is getting rid of some of my unused or superfluous materials, so my real announcement today is to tell you that I've opened a destash supplies shop! Logically, it's called Pink Street Supplies. I've only been able to list about 1/3 of what I've bundled up for sale already, but over the next week or so, I hope to have almost 40 destash lots listed. If you've got crafty aspirations, head over and check it out, because since my main object is to get rid of this stuff, I'm listing it at really low prices.

To return to where we began, however, I'd like to hear about some of the ridiculous and funny things you've kept for years as remembrances. Go on! The very craziest!

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  1. I have all of my journals, and most of my childhood books. I also have my old softball uniform from high school. I think one of my favorite keepsakes though is my pillow person. Even though one of her pig tails is missing, one foot is help together by a safety pin, and she's got lots of drool stains all over, I still love her. haha.

    Now off to check out your destash shop. :D


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