UPDATE: NO Art Trail Tonight

I'm sorry for misleading you (those of you who have read this post within the last hour), but I was mistaken, and Alderson Mercedes is not hosting tonight's First Friday Art Trail; most of the other locations are, but sadly, I won't be there. See all of you again next month!

(Disregard the following.) If you're in Lubbock, please show some love and come visit me tonight between 6:00 and 9:00 pm at the First Friday Art Trail. I'll be set up in my usual spot by the window at Alderson Mercedes, 17th and Texas Avenue. I know it's cold and we'd all rather be wrapped up cozy under a blanket watching old episodes of Perfect Strangers, but it's so much more fun when we have each other! Happy weekend, everyone, whatever it may hold for you.

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