DIY Thursday: Canvas Doily Bag

I've been saving this one for you guys for a while. The project was posted here on design*sponge in November, and I've been waiting for just the right time to reveal it here and astound you all. Truly, though, I really, really like this one, and if I can just get through the other two DIY projects I'm currently in the middle of, and tie up a few other loose ends around the house (i.e., boxes full of IKEA goodness and nowhere to put it, an Etsy shop desperately needing attention, and a new one burgeoning -- more on that later), then this is definitely the very next item on the agenda.

Anyway, this charming DIY canvas doily bag tutorial was created by Ashley of Ashley Ann Photography. See her original post and full instructions here.

You'll need: a canvas bag, fabric paint in the color of your choice, a large paper doily, adhesive spray, a paintbrush, and an iron (optional).

Ashley instructs us to spray the doily with adhesive spray first, then stick it to the bag in your desired place. Then paint over the holes, and peel the doily off before the paint dries.

Either freehand or trace your monogram or other design in the center. Ashley used her iron "to heat set it a bit." And voila, done!

I love this idea, and although mine would look slightly different -- probably pink or aqua paint instead of black, and my "S" might be script or something different entirely, I think this bag is perfect for a carry-all, reuseable grocery bag, craft supplies bag, or personalized gift for bridesmaids or hostesses. How would you customize yours?

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  1. Hello! I just made one of these! i had a hard time finding a doily that looked fancy enough. all the once i found had really big flowers on them with no detail so there would have been a big white blog, well lots of big white blobs. so i went to michaels and found these cool cupcake liners, i added 2 together and used those instead.

    these are what i used


    hope the link works when being copied.

    it looks amazing :)
    thanks for the great idea.


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