I Heart Anthro

On our way home from Grapevine last week after the glorious surprise Christmas vacation my husband planned for me, we made the obligatory trip to Southlake Town Square to visit some of my favorite shops, the foremost of which is Anthropologie. I came home with a beautiful navy voile and lace tunic dress which was way on sale, and this, which you may remember I wrote about several months ago here.

Our little CRV was loaded to the brim with IKEA purchases by that point, so we didn't have room for much more even if we had been able to afford anything else, but here are a few other beauties I so wanted to bring home with me:
Oh, Anthro, why must you tease me with beautiful things at exorbitant prices?

(All images pulled from Anthropologie.)


  1. ooooh anthro makes me drool!! a local student is painting us a mural on a blank wall in our store, and a part of it's going to have an 'anthro-y' chair painted in (with, of course, my cat sleeping in it :) so i'm pretty excited :)

  2. I LOVE that clutch. Sometimes I just have to walk past Anthro so I'm not tempted.


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