DIY Thursday: Felt Ruffle Wreath

My eyes lit up today when I went searching for a lovely holiday DIY project, and came upon a tutorial for this incredible felt ruffle wreath this morning at Design*Sponge. Created by Kristen at domestifluff (which is a great freebie and DIY blog, and I was completely unaware of it until today!), this wreath could be done in bright holiday colors, or several shades of maybe red or blue for a more interesting monochromatic look. I can't wait to try it! Here are some photos that illustrate the process but make sure to read the full instructions here or here. Oh, and you should definitely visit the domestifluff blog for some cute holiday gift tag downloads and lots of other crafty goodness!

By the way, Kristen mentioned within her tutorial that a blogger called Maya of Maya*Made, another fantastic crafty blog, has come up with an ingenious way to mark and cut your circles more easily. Then, I found this great tool (available here), which eliminates the need for scissors and tedious handwork altogether! If you're a yo-yo maker, or plan to make dozens of these ruffle wreaths or last week's flower garlands, perhaps you should invest. I'm seriously considering it -- how handy would this be!?

So what color would your wreath be? And would you add paper snowflakes? Vintage glass ornaments hanging in the center? Other lovely embellishments?

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  1. Looks very nice, if I have more time I try to do something like this:)


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