Wedding Wednesday

There's been so much pretty wedding inspiration on some of the blogs I've stumbled onto lately that I couldn't help myself. I've been inspired by the wonderful colors, beautiful dresses, pretty flowers, and great ideas. I hope you will be too.

Incredible wedding flowers spotted on OnceWed; I dubbed this free-spirited garden style "thicket" back in my flower shop days.
I love the soft pink peonies and the tent made of lights; Spanish wedding spotted on OnceWed.
That handmade doily garland is wonderful! And I love that the men of the house party are wearing burlap Toms; an incredible wedding all around spotted on Ruffled.
What a great idea is this! Photo frames and chandelier crystals suspended from the trees; spotted on Ruffled.
I don't think I can sufficiently express my admiration for the couple who got married under this amazing sign; spotted on OnceWed.
All of these dresses are just incredible, I can't get over them; spotted on Green Wedding Shoes.
That dress! Those colors! The hats and the teacups! It's like Marie Antoinette magically transmuted into 1953, and it's completely awesome; spotted on Green Wedding Shoes.
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Classy photographs from a classy wedding indeed. My son is also getting married next week and we all wanted an outdoor reception. The reception will be at this venue NYC and they have a wonderful setting arranged. By the way, I loved the decorations in these pictures, specially that tent made of lights.


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