DIY Thursday: Beaded Chandelier

My list of projects to try grows weekly, but this one is definitely one of those which has a good shot at making the difficult leap from great idea to reality. And now you have a reason to save and recycle all of those gaudy Mardi Gras beads! This awesome tutorial comes from Heather, posted on the Dollar Store Crafts site. I've shortened it to just a pictorial tutorial (ha!), but you can find full instructions here.

Britt, an enterprising reader of the blog and writer of A Penny Saved, added a lighting kit to her chandelier, which she painted turquoise, to mimic these beauties made of semiprecious stones by Marjorie Skouras. You can see Britt's revised tutorial here.

I love white for outdoors, or a wedding under the trees, and something punchy like aqua for brightening up the indoors. What color would you paint yours?

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