Favorite Things Giveaway

{Oh, the fun I have in store for you today!}

Here's how it all began: I was thinking to myself, "gosh, I love playing with my new Japanese paper tapes" (stay tuned for Wednesday's post), and "boy, stamping is fun," then, "heavens, I just can't get enough of these neat paper embellishments." {Oh, you laugh, but I'm not even kidding. I had FOTC playing and I was bobbing my head along to Carol Brown and everything.} And then it came to me, like a carrier pigeon with a great idea tied to his leg: a giveaway of all of these things! AND MORE!

I therefore present to you, the Favorite Things Giveaway!


Here's what you get:

1. A pink and brown notebook embellished by me with fun papers, vintage french book page, vintage lace, and a mini envelope in which to tuck secret messages to yourself  (envelope by The Gilded Bee)
2. A cool bird stamp
3. About a yard of magenta cotton twine
4. A bunch of white paper millinery flowers
5. Cute little translucent pink plastic heart and circle 'crystals'
6. Pink Street brass earrings handmade by me
7. Three new rolls of Japanese washi paper tape in orange sherbert, pink stripe, and banana pudding
8. A sweet little cloth-covered butterfly button brad
9. 10 adorable yellow paper buttons (by The Gilded Bee)
10. A package of sweet handmade butterflies in melon, blush, and bashful (by The Gilded Bee)
11. A pretty scrap of dusty rose fabric

So, all you have to do to enter is follow my blog, then leave a comment here telling me what your own Favorite Things Giveaway would include. Giveaway ends this Sunday at 5:00pm (editorial correction: Sunday, September 19th). Tell all your friends (or at least the ones who enjoy the stuff pictured above)!
Hooray for holidays! Hooray for giveaways!


  1. My favorite things giveaway would include tea samples, a roll of film, ribbons, stationery & quotes. Hope i win, I love each lovely item!

  2. I would love to giveaway a bundle of cooking esstentials I use on a daily basis, but the shipping would be crazy!

  3. This is the best giveaway EVER! My giveaway would include looseleaf teas, pretty notecards, french themed or french word stickers, vintage postcards, and macarons. These is seriously adorable - you can tell a lot of love went into this giveaway.

  4. WOW! This is one of the best giveaways I've seen in a while! I absolutely LOVE it!!! I'm already a Follower of your blog and have been for almost a year now... how exciting! :D

    For my own Favorite Thigns Giveaway, I think I would have to collaborate with several Etsy shops and giveaway the PERFECT fall outfit! I have a wish list compilation on my blog right now that when put together, would make the perfect fall outfit. BUT, in my dream land, I would make several compilations, accent them with some of my own handmade jewelry and then give them away to a few winners. It's a perfect combination of items that you can wear together or seperately... PERFECT! :D

  5. I must have these things!
    I think my favorite things giveaway would be a mish mash of various things.
    most likely some really good makeup, most likely lip color considering it is so versatile. Probably some lipstick queen or nars. Probably some music, a cd perhaps (maybe regina spektor), a copy of i heart huckabees and some hello kitty stationery.
    not quite sure, but these things sound like me.

  6. Hi! I'm a follower! Your blog is truly lovely and insipiring!

    My favorite things giveaway would include one of the jewels or a couple of bobby pins from my Etsy shop,cute paper pieces,candies,various kinds of tea,laces and ribbons,and maybe so italian food that can be safely shipped! (I'm italian).

    Anyway,this is really the best giveaway ever!!! :D

  7. I follow your blog! (I create a google account just for this purpouse!)

    In my ideal giveaway I'd like to include something handmade,something vintage,something sweet like candies or chocolate,something soft like fabric,something useful like a cute pen or some lovely tape like yours,and something absolutely shallow like a cute bow! :D

  8. This is wonderful. My ideal giveaway includes just about any kind of craft stuff - can never have enough :) Will definitely link this up!

  9. Alli, that's awesome! thanks so much!


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