Debbie Downer

I'm sorry, friends, but I'm not my usual cheerful self today. Despite the fact that it's my birthday month, there's still another Cold Stone Cupcake in the freezer, and husband's being even sweeter to me than normal, I just can't seem to make my smile believable lately. I mostly feel like sagging and moping, and sometimes I want to cry a little too, which is unusual. It's hard to be an optimist when you stop believing.

The pretty vases of fading summer roses and porcelain vine seemed to kind of illustrate my mood lately. I just want to stare at them and not think anymore.

{Images by Sarah of saipua.}

1 comment:

  1. Don't stop belieeeeeevin'.
    Remember...if it wasn't this it'd be something else. :)
    Love you!


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