The Plan:
1. Buy an antique sideboard and install in living room.
2. Find several vintage apothecary jars in varying shapes and sizes.
3. Install happy little (fake) birds in said apothecary jars along with some (real) twigs and moss to keep them company.
4. Embellish display with adorable vintage mirror tray, lamp, and handmade wall art.

And voila! Instant charm.

{Disclaimer: this is not actually my house, nor was it originally My Plan. These gorgeous images, this adorable display, and the credit for actually having such a brilliant idea must go to the lovely Miss Polly of Polly Danger, the blogthe shop, and the notions.}

But now, this plan is My Plan.
And now I'm going to go, and ... show The Plan to someone else.


  1. Cute idea! It wouldn't fit my decor too well, but it is lovely.

    Oh and LOVE LOVE LOVE the 10 Things... reference!! It totally made me smile! ;)

  2. I'm so glad someone got that! Ah, it makes me happy. In a carefree, ohso 90's teenage angst sort of way.


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