Wish List Wednesday

If I had ONE MILLLLLION DOLLARS today, here's what I'd buy:

Nathan and I are spending our third Christmas together this year, and (prepare to be shocked) we still don't have our own stockings to hang up at our house! Every year, I deplore this fact, and yet I never go out and actually buy us stockings. Partly, it's because we don't have a fireplace, therefore we don't have a mantle, therefore we don't really have any place to hang them except on the edges of our entertainment center, and somehow, the thought of celebrating Christmas by hanging a symbol of hope and charity on a symbol of American mass commercialism just feels inherently wrong to me. But maybe this is the year I'll decide to get over that, and go out after Christmas when stockings are dirt cheap on sale, and use that very same American mass commercialism to get myself a good deal on some fun stockings. This cute and cuddly example is from one of the happiest places on earth.

If I had a little more of that million left over after purchasing my stockings, I'd buy:

If you know me very well (and if you're reading this blog, you probably do), you know that this beautiful little number combines two of the things I love most: scarves, and pink. On top of that, the button and the ruffles are about the cutest bonus you could ask for. I found it here, at another of the happiest places on earth, a darling shop on Etsy called Flutter.

Finally, if I have just a tad to spare, I'd purchase this:

I have a thing for chairs (you know I do). I just think this one is absolutely gorgeous. I'd set it in front of my antique walnut vanity and play dress up on Saturdays, when there's nothing to dress up for. Isn't it lovely?

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