Meet Me.

I suppose I should introduce myself, if we're to be friends (and I hope we shall be). I'm Sarah. This is my first blog. I've wanted to create one for quite a while now, and have only just worked up the courage to do it. If you're going to keep visiting (and I hope you shall), you'll probably want to know a little about me. I'm 27 (really? {groan.}). I work full time in a wonderful job at my local university, but there are billions of other things that interest me and which I hope to do, at least on an amateur basis, someday. Just a few: photography, knitting, recreational traveling, pottery, fashion and/or interior design, sewing my own clothes, herb gardening, painting, novel writing. And a few I've tried and already know I love: jewelry-making (check out my little Etsy hub of happiness, here), floral design, baking, purse/bag design, handmade stationery, container gardening, calligraphy. I'm very happily married to a man I knew I wanted to be with after our very first date. Dashingly handsome, yes?

I have a large, beautiful, incredibly creative and talented group of friends. This is us.

We get together every week to eat and discuss a chapter or two of whatever book we're collectively reading at the time, so we've aptly (and creatively) dubbed ourselves "Book Group." The name's prosaic, I know, but we're all superlatively interesting. Proof: I make jewelry, my husband, Michael, and Chris are electric guitarist, bassist, and drummer in an amazing band called Cyrus (new album source; check them out), Evan paints, embroiders, and makes wonderful things out of felt, Jessica H. writes, Cory photographs, Garrett works in leather, Lori and Dani mold the minds of our young and impressionable, Jessica K. photographs and paints, Ashlee designs buildings, Dustin translates Greek and Hebrew. Oh, and little Sarah and Isaiah do fantastic impressions of a puppy and a lion, respectively. Sam just wiggles, but he's going to be a hula grand master before long. I'm really lucky to have such great friends. Tomorrow night we're having our annual Book Group Christmas party at my house! I'll post pictures soon!

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  1. It's my biggest wish to be a grand master hoola hooper!! Thanks for the vote of confidence!!


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