Favorite Things Friday

I L O V E Houndstooth! It's so very classic English countryside. Here are some fun examples. (If I wore black, that tee would already be on its way to my house. In fact, it's so incredibly cute, I might break my rule just this once.)

Houndstooth tee at Target.

Houndstooth wellies at Target. A sidenote: Nathan swears that he'd never heard the word "wellies" for rainboots before he met me. I swear that he's crazy, and that it is the accepted, nay, the ONLY, term for the item. Can someone back me up on that? What else are you going to call them -- "tall boots," as Nathan insists? Nonsense!

Houndstooth wool coat, from Amazon.

A way cute houndstooth and red leather bag from Amazon. (Hmmm ... maybe this should have gone under a Wish List Wednesday post.)

A fun metallic take on houndstooth in a cute cropped jacket from J. Crew. I like shiny things.

Houndstooth for the home -- a black and gray wool rug. Happy weekend! Make it a classic!


  1. I've never heard that word before. (Of course, I am only 5 months old!) I would have called them rain boots, but I much perfer your name.

  2. When you can talk, I'm sure you'll back me up on this one, Sam. The first word I'm going to teach you to say is "wellies," and I'm going to have you waddle over to Uncle Nathan and say it.

  3. Ha! Proof! http://www.tamarahenriques.com/whimsical.html.


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