We had a lovely time last night at the Book Group Christmas Party. I made spiced cider, roasted sweet potatoes, and these, my first foray into the floury world of iced sugar cookies:

Not Martha Stewart, by any means, but not so bad for a first attempt. And I put pyracantha berries in my Pottery Barn simple wall vases; they looked fantastic against our mocha wall.

Then we drew numbers and played our gift card exchange game, a favorite from last year's party. And at the end of the night, we took our Book Group Christmas photo, as we have for the past three years. There have been one or two additions, and we're almost too many to fit in front of the tree anymore; we're grateful for Cory's wide angle lens.

Little Sarah and Isaiah played happily together with their toys, and Sam was giggly and happy until he got a little tired, right before we gathered for the photo. Next year, little baby Neo will will join us at the party. I love the holidays; hooray for Christmas.


  1. What a good looking group, if I do say so myself.

  2. And I predict that next year, a little red-headed baby is going to up the cute quotient exponentially.


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