Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Alica Bock Photography

I discovered Alicia Bock quite a while ago on Etsy, and fell in love with her work immediately. I L O V E the soft colors, the muted edges, the way her photographs make me believe I could walk into this beautiful, faded world she creates. Even though she lives in Michigan, so many of her photos feel like they could've been taken right here where I live, in the fields and grasslands and playas that you can find when you drive 10 miles out of town. But they seem, at the same time, centered in some place, some time, very far away from my here and now. That's the brilliance, in my opinion, of her work: that I can identify immediately with her photographs, because they feel like where I have been and what I have loved all of my life, but they also remind me of the fairytale world of my childhood imagination, a place that's not real but is there in my memory all the same. A place that is idyllic and nostalgic at once; I could stare at them and daydream for hours, I think. If I'm ever lucky enough to have time to really work at my amateur photography skills, she'd be a huge source of inspiration for me. (And incidentally, if you're wondering, she will most likely show up in a future post on Wish List Wednesday; if you need hints {wink, wink}, her 2009 Polaroid Calendar and Pick 4 Mini Square Print Set would be near the top of the list.) I hope you enjoy getting lost in her photos as much as I do.


  1. These are cool! You have a great blog! My wife would love your style. I'll make her check it out. We're both Tech grads and miss Lubbock a lot.


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