I Wish I Were Spending My Weekend Here

Nathan and I had a wonderful day off together yesterday. We went to a late morning movie, ate the best pizza ever accompanied by real Coke in a glass bottle, then idled the afternoon away with a leisurely excursion to World Market, then ice cream at Cold Stone, followed by Mad Men episodes at home on the couch. A relaxing, perfect day.

I'd like the weekend to be a continuation of the same, preferably spent in a wooded, whitewashed, and silent cabin; but alas, that seems highly unlikely at present. Still, I hope to have photos of some new work for you on Monday morning: a few pieces I'm very excited about.

Happy Weekend, all! If you're lucky enough to have a quaint cottage in the Catskills, do say hello to the trees and the brook for me.

(Feature in the NY Times, here; found via Greatfull Day, here.)

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