Herbs Are Where My Heart Is

Nathan and I got married in the spring, so bouquets full of lavender, thyme, mint, and scented geranium really weren't an option. But I can't help feeling a little bit sad and nostalgic for the late summer and autumn days at the flower shop when I'd pack every single arrangement I sent out with herbs of every type and description.

Ah, those were glorious, sweetly-scented days.
I was reminded of them by these gorgeous photos taken by Sarah of Saipua, spotted on the Little Flower School blog.

garden roses, elaeagnus, rose hips

thyme, umbelliferae, scabiosa

celosia, oregano, lavender

lamb's ear, strawflower, dahlias
I'm so ready for fall. You?


  1. Two things:

    1) No, I'm not ready for fall. Wish it would stay summer forever. :)
    2) Herbs are where your heart is...(evil grin and mischievous laugh at your expense.)

    Hehe...sorry for being ornery. :)

  2. lol, Jessica!!

    to fall I say BRING IT!!! but then again i'm not a teacher. my kids arguing more than usual means it's time for school to start!

    pretty arrangements... but i'm willing to bet your arrangements were much prettier.

  3. They were, Evan - much more beautiful! I miss those days too, since her Father always had Sarah deliver to my office from College Flowers gorgeous arrangements that she had done herself. Hopefully he paid her back!


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