Dime Store Pretties

Friday Night at Art Trail I debuted a couple new display boards I made from vintage frames, spray-painted in a glossy chocolate, backed with cork and cardboard. I bought some charming little manilla garage sale tags from Caramelos, and gave them some color by adding strips of japanese paper tapes. Then I punched holes for pairs of earrings, and hung the tags with straight pins. They turned out quite as well as I'd hoped they would when I pictured this in my head, and I'm pleased with the way they show off my earrings.

I'm slowly (very slowly, I think) getting the hang of perfecting my display and showcasing my pieces to best advantage. There's lots of trial and error involved. And rivers of hot glue. But if I've learned anything from my father, it's that practice makes perfect. . . . And also, not to believe everything everyone tells you. They're probably making most of it up.


  1. a beautiful display. i am still too nervous to set up a table at our 3rd Fridays here. it just seems so overwhelming. maybe after the wedding...


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