An Exciting Announcement

Those of you locals who have visited me within the past few months at Art Trail have noticed that there have been a few new additions to my table: I've embarked upon the adventure of embellished headbands. I've reserved them for showing solely at Art Trail until now because I couldn't come up with a suitable idea for photographing them, not really being very good just yet at taking pictures of myself in a mirror. And as my husband has very stubbornly refused to model them for me, I didn't have a solution to this little dilemma until my kind and beautiful friend Evan (of Olive and Everette fame) offered to model them, and then, it got even better when the wonderful Alisa Palmer of Alisa Joy Photography offered to photograph them on Evan (remember the photos of the anniversary shoot I shared with you last week?). Following their shoot, Alisa very generously passed the photos on to me so that I could list my newest batch of headbands and bridal headpieces in my shop!

Therefore, I am able to present to you today a new range of offerings in the pink street accessories line. They've just been listed in the shop within the last three days, so you'll be some of the first people to see them!

You can see descriptions and details of each of these and a few others in my shop.
Also, check out the lovely post Alisa did on my headpieces on the Wedding Chicks blog!


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  2. they turned out so great!!!!


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