DIY Thursday: Envelope Clutch

Before we begin, I feel that a word of explanation is necessary as to why, a week after our triumphant return from the English adventure, I still haven't posted any photos. The simple answer is, that I needed a vacation. It's not precisely jet-lag any longer, but I have been more tired since being back home and readjusting to my 40-hour work week again, and each evening, after we finish dinner and there's time to go through and upload photos, I seem to find that I'd rather spend that time hanging out with my husband, frankly.

This is the first time in literally a year that he's had much free time in the evenings to spend with me -- ever since starting grad school last August, there's been a paper to write or a novel to read or research to be done or papers to be graded during almost every spare minute of every day, including weekends. It hasn't been possible, the way it used to be, for us to spontaneously decide to catch a movie in the evening, or go out for a date night very often, and more extensive time committments required a week and a half's planning to make sure he'd be able to get assignments and readings completed on time. That's why I'm more interested in watching movies cuddled up on the couch with my lovely husband than editing photos and writing blog posts. I'm terribly sorry that all of you must put up with being the neglected parties, but I'm not married to you.

And now, we can get on with it. Today's DIY post comes from the charming blog I Still Love You. It's a pattern for what's affectionately been dubbed "the poopy clutch" because it's made to hold extra diapers and wipies. These aren't items of which I'm in frequent need at present, so I'd actually probably choose to use the clutch like a clutch. But it's so sweet and versatile that it could be adapted for all kinds of purposes.

The full and very professional instructions, as well as the template for cutting out the shape of your no-sew leather or vinyl clutch, can be found here.

Hopefully, I'll get to try this and several of my past DIY projects out in my free time this summer! And yes, I'll get around to the photos soon too.

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  1. I just started reading your blog and I loved it. Continue good work x



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