Spotlight: Alisa Joy Photography

Back in May, I got to work on a really fun custom project for my friend Evan of Olive and Everette. She and her husband Michael had the opportunity to do a retro-styled photoshoot with the incredibly talented Alisa of Alisa Joy Photography, and she asked me to make some headpieces for her. I'd only begun experimenting with headbands this past spring, and it sounded like so much fun to broaden  my horizons a bit more with feathers, silk flowers, and some sparkly vintage embellishments. The session was shot in a few different locations, both inside and out, and even though Evan told me that it was particularly windy that evening (this is West Texas, after all), I think Alisa did an incredible job in spite of uncooperative weather.

My first foray into feathers, accompanied by white mini orchids on a clear comb.

And yes, they really are this happy and this beautiful in real life.

This headband features a salmon-colored band, cherry vintage millinery leaves, and velvet buttons.

I love this one: it's like a neo-Victorian family portrait.

A lovley close-up of a brown velvet band topped with yellow ranunculus.

I love the light, I love the colors, and the tinting of the photos to produce a sort of vintage 'glow.' You can see more examples of Alisa's incredible work on her website, her blog, and her Facebook portfolio. Also, soon you'll be in for another treat: I made about 9 or 10 pieces for Evan's photoshoot, and unfortunately the wind prevented all of them being shot closely the first time around, so Evan and Alisa are doing another session just to model my headpieces! I'm so excited, and I'll present them to you here (and probably list several in my Etsy shop) in the coming weeks!


  1. Sarah, you are a darling for writing this blog! I appreciate the kind words and the links! Guess what - we did the other headband photos today! I will be out of town this weekend but next week, I'll get them to you! Thanks again for making my shoot that much more fabulous!

  2. What a lovely couple, lovely photography, and extra lovely head pieces!


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