DIY Thursday: Fun Dry Erase Board

I found this really cute DIY project for a wipe-off message board using old wallpaper at design*sponge, which has a wealth of great DIYs; at least one new one each week. But this is something small, and more importantly, immensely practical, that you could finish in half an hour. It's much cuter, I have to say, than the plain white dry erase board that hangs on our fridge, but which is indispensible for reminding Nathan and me of supper ideas and teasing each other about something silly one of us said (our "Quote of the Day"). I think I may replace that plain old Quote Board with something much cuter this summer.

The instructions below I pasted in verbatim from the design*sponge post, here. Let me know if you try it, and how it turns out!

"Here’s what you’ll need:

-- 9” x 12” piece of cardboard -- 9” x 12” piece of wallpaper or other decorative paper -- rubber cement -- x-acto blade or scissors -- clear contact paper -- large bulldog clip -- dry-erase pen(card used in the picture above is from something’s hiding in here)

1. apply rubber cement to the back of your wallpaper and to one side of your cardboard. adhere the paper to the cardboard, smoothing out air bubbles as you go.
2. if desired, round the corners or cut your cardboard into a decorative shape using an x-acto blade or scissors.
3. cut a piece of clear contact paper that is slightly larger than your cardboard, and apply over the wallpaper."

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