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I know it's ridiculous, and you probably won't believe me, but I'm new to Flickr. I mean, I've known about it for a long time, but haven't really been interested in checking it out until more recently; I keep seeing absolutely beautiful images on people's blogs from their photostreams or others', and so I finally registered, and plan to use it as an additional publicity tool for pink street when I can get some photos of my own stuff uploaded. But in the meantime, I'm loving just being a viewer of other people's gorgeous work. Please post a comment about some of your favorites!

Here are a few of mine.

by ohhellofriend, who's entire sense of design, color, and styling, almost exactly matches mine. Visit her flickr photostream, her incredible blog, and her etsy shop. I mentioned in yesterday's post that packaging my sold items when I ship them to my customers is something I really want to work much harder on. Ohhellofriend absolutely excels at this: she has a whole photo set devoted to photos of her packaging, and full of charming ideas.

by mrs. french; this photo is actually a print for sale in her etsy shop, blissful images, because I wasn't able to pull any of her gorgeous photography off of her flickr to show you.

other favorites, who have too many gorgeous photos/illustrations to include here:

katiedaisylombardo, who also has an etsy shop which sells her lovely prints and illustrations, at thewheatfield.etsy.com.

sfgirlbybay, of international blog renown.

Creature Comforts, who also has one of my favorite blogs ever.

caitlin is nice, who owns the etsy shop nice, which I featured here a couple of months ago.

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