Little Letters

(This post idea from Naomi over at Taza and Husband, an adorable blog about an adorable couple.)

Dear English Breakfast Tea,
Thank you for getting me through another Monday morning.

Dear Movies 16,
My husband is taking me on a date night soon, and I really really REALLY want to see 500 Days of Summer, even though I know that many of those looking forward to it were slightly disappointed. But I promise not to be disappointed; please don't let me down.

Dear Husband,
Thank you for taking me on a date night soon. I'm so looking forward to it! (I love being with you on normal everyday occasions, of course, but I especially like eating tapas with you on a cozy sofa for two here, and sitting next to you in dark movie theatres.)

Dear Gap,
Thank you for running an awesome sale on this dress! I bought it yesterday and don't even feel bad about it because it was such a great deal! {note: the local sale was way better than the price online.}

Dear Market Street United,
Thank you for putting those handy little recipe carousels up in all of your sections. We are now experts at Caramelized Onion and Gruyère paninis, and Spicy Beef and Raisin Empanadas.

Dear Lubbock weather,
Can you please make up your mind?

Dear Target Grocery,
Why, oh why, must you torture me with your mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches, which are not available at all of your locations?

Dear Bret and Jemaine,
You are two very funny dudes. I really like your show.

Dear Netflix,
Thank you for opening a Lubbock distribution center so that my favorite TV series and movies arrive in my mailbox a whole two days faster!

Dear Anthropologie,
I have a huge crush on you. Could you please come to Lubbock and open a discount store?

Dear John,
I actually don't know anyone named John. But it would be fun to write to him if I did.

Dear Ruby,
I'll see you tonight before Book Group!

Dear Monday,
Could you please hurry up and skip to Friday? No offense or anything.

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