Etsy Treasure Wednesday: Hadley Hutton

Since I promised to post a few photos of new work yesterday, I missed my traditional Tuesday posting on a favorite Etsy shop. I intend to make up for it today by posting something doubly beautiful. I first heard of artist Hadley Hutton via decor8; Hadley is a participant in decor8 blogger Holly Becker's collaborative effort, kindred. In fact, the print below entitled "kindred" is available for free download as a wallpaper here. Hadley has an Etsy shop where she sells primarily prints of her work, with an original occasionally available (lots of originals available here). I'd quite happily settle for a print, just to be able to put something that lovely in my home. When I was choosing photos for this post, I seriously had the hardest time narrowing my favorites down to just five or six. They're all so dreamlike and ethereal, as if you're seeing them through a haze of chiffon, but still so very lifelike and believable. I think at any given moment, my favorites might be completely different, but there's not a single one I wouldn't love to have in my house.

"In the Blossoms"

"Two Barn Owls"

"Watching Over"

"Rose Garden"

"Through the Wallpaper - Blue Bird Print"

All images by Hadley Hutton, each linked to its source in her Etsy shop.

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  1. Sarah, thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL earrings you sent me. I love them and they are so special to me as they are a "Sarah Original".
    Much love to you! Kim


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