I Hereby Declare

Today 'DIY Thursday', from now on. I've come across so many projects and crafted practical items recently in Etsy shops and other blogs that I've decided it's my solemn duty to post them here, in case you happen not to find them on your own.

I've pulled today's project from an Etsy shop called MoxieSisters. It's a really wonderful little shop filled with repurposed and repainted vintage items, including a few oval picture frames which have been backed with padded fabric and turned into beautiful ways to display a jewelry collection. I was instantly drawn to them not just by the bright colors and fun fabrics, but by their immeasurable practicality -- I, of course, have a rather large jewelry collection. It seems that once one found the right frame and the right fabric, actually making the board would be a snap, especially if the frame still had its original hardboard backing which you'd simply cover with the fabric and hot glue or staplegun after inserting a layer or two of batting. They very kindly offer a photo of the back of the frame as well, which provides some visual instruction on how to finish it off properly. I love their versions, but since the colors in my bedroom (for now) are a little more subdued, I think I might try my own version with different paints and fabrics. Let me know if you try it, and how it comes out!

(All images by moxiesisters.)

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