Etsy Treasure Tuesday: Blissiful

I took a metal-working class last spring in which I learned how to cut and fashion my own pieces out of sheets of silver, brass, and copper, but I haven't attempted anything since the two projects I finished in the class, one of which I sold a couple of months ago at Art Trail and may never see again {imagine frowny face here}. So the gorgeous fine metal jewelry in Blissiful's Etsy shop is such an inspiration to me. Maybe one day, when I've conquered my fear of the soldering torch, I may try some similar things. In the meantime, I'll content myself with gawking at hers, and ... (hint, hint) maybe wishing for them for my upcoming birthday.

This ring was the one that first caught my eye.

I absolutely love the nauture/flora theme all of her pieces share. It's my favorite one too.

(All images by blissiful.)

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