I Heart Bed and Breakfasts

After our wonderful stay at the beautiful Cameron Inn in Fredericksburg this past weekend (photos coming soon, I promise), I've decided that I think Bed and Breakfasts are really wonderful. I think it would even be fun to own one someday; take care of weary travelers, live in a beautiful place, hone my cooking skills, stay at home and read all morning -- this is the stuff dreams are made of (at least my dreams). So I was happily surprised to find that Holly at decor8 posted about a lovely Bed and Breakfast in Holland called Bed of Flowers B&B right after we got back, and I think it comes very close to my version of perfect happiness. I could spend years there, I think. It's a wonderful mix of lively color and an atmosphere that invites relaxation.

(All images by Bed of Flowers B&B via decor8.)

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