Here, as promised, are some photos from our trip to Fredericksburg last weekend. After a crazy and hectic beginning of week, I heartily wish I were still on said trip. That's what photos are for, I suppose: to remind you of the glory of vacation and make you despondent that you're not independently wealthy.

First things first: Our Bed and Breakfast, the lovely Cameron Inn, which sits just behind Main Street.

Next, our beautiful bathroom at the lovely Cameron Inn, which sits just behind the bedroom.

This was our favorite winery of the three we visited: Grape Creek. The facilities were gorgeous -- very Tuscan -- and we came back with a couple of really good bottles of wine as well.

And a few of the historical sites of downtown Fredericksburg: the original county courthouse, built in the 1880's, I believe, which now houses the Pioneer Library. And my handsome husband makes friends with a bubbly fountain out front.

And on our way out of town on Sunday, we made the obligatory pilgrimage to one of my favorite Mexican food restaurants anywhere in the world: Mamacitas. Although we were so full after the delicious breakfast we'd been served that morning, that I might have enjoyed it more after a few more hours and a couple more winery visits. Alas, we hadn't the time.

When I am retired or independently wealthy (preferably both) I'd love to buy a cozy little cottage in the Hill Country, maybe even operate my own B&B. I'd eat Mamacita's every Tuesday, fresh blueberry muffins in the morning, open windows all the time and generally revel in a sense of freedom in a beautiful place. That must be what the trillionaires who own their own island in Dubai do. Except maybe they eat blueberry falafel in the morning.

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