Etsy Treasure Tuesday: OliveSomeday

OliveSomeday is "Sweet Wall Adornments for Your Home," but I think it's also the perfect mix of worn-in vintage and retro-modern. I've had my eye on this shop for a long, long time, because I have a thing for ornate old frames, especially ones that have been painted glossy shades of cotton candy, chocolate, and sea glass. And I've been paying a lot more attention lately to how other sellers photograph their items and the way the shop creates a cohesiveness that makes you want to stay and browse. OliveSomeday's shop definitely does that for me; I love how her photos have some kind of a blurred, glazed effect to them, as if you're looking through an old window pane at a fairy tale. You can let me know what you think too.

And isn't the little deer in the photos adorable? {Note to self: find a way to incorporate cute plastic animals into jewelry shots.}

(All images by OliveSomeday and linked to their sources.)


  1. hi there! I was googling my store and found your post! lovely and I am SUPER flattered! You have chosen many of my favorite frames. I hope to have the shop stocked up this weekend!



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