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Today is normally Etsy Treasure Day, I know, and I have a lovely feature in store for tomorrow, but today I wanted to tell you a bit more about my wonderful weekend. I mentioned very briefly in the footnote of yesterday's post that my weekend involved heart-shaped (chocolate-glazed) Krispy Kreme donuts, as well as my friend Rick Steves in Europe and some fantastic pizza. It also included several other lovely little highlights, one of which was the yearly book sale at my local library, to which I try and make it every year. It dusty, it's crowded, it's in the basement of the old main branch downtown, and I love it. I didn't find any first edition copies of Persuasion, but I did bring home some very nice finds, all for the low, low price of $6.
I found these two.
And these (they still count as classics because they're at least 40 years old).
And I was very happy when I found a pretty copy of Henry Esmond.

Only to get home, place it on my shelf, and realize that I already had a pretty copy of Henry Esmond. Oh well. I do like Thackeray.

I love old books, and I love the local library. I believe everyone should support theirs; I'm so afraid that sometime in the future, they will become so little utilized that they'll have to close down altogether, and I think that would be one of our nation's biggest tragedies. But I'll stop before I begin ranting and shaking my fist, and show you this other really cool item I found back in the Travel section: an old map of Florence, beautiful and pastel-tinted. I'm thinking of using it as a backdrop for my jewelry photos for Etsy; what do you think?

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