Etsy Treasure ... Wednesday: Olive & Everette

My lovely friend Evan and her business partner, Allison, have an Etsy shop called Olive & Everette, where they sell Evan's beautifully hand-stiched burp cloths and other baby items, along with complete kits for DIY Diaper Cakes. You can just tell how much love and care and time goes into each of these hand-embroidered pieces, and I think that makes them so much more special than anything you can buy in a store: mass-produced and these days, most likely made by exploiting underaged foreign labor. I wanted to show off some of Olive & Everette's beautiful items, and also paste in some pictures (gleaned from Evan's blog) of some of her other work, which includes mixed media, feltwork, and painting, among many other things.
Here are a couple of burp cloths available in the Olive & Everette shop at present.

And here are more burp cloths that Evan's done previously.

And this is an incredibly beautiful Lingerie bag she made for one of our friends who was recently married.

But my personal favorite is this absolutely adorable tea towel.

But there's more. For Valentine's Day, Evan made some of the cutest cards. Here's just one example:

She also made these wonderful little felt dolls for her kids, and this really cute girly pirate wallet (already sold).

On top of all of that cuteness, she also paints beautifully. This one, a square unframed canvas of grapefruits, hangs in my kitchen.

I believe that she'll do custom work if you see something here that you've fallen in love with and which may not be available yet in the Olive & Everette Etsy shop. At any rate, leave a comment on her blog and tell her how lovely her work is!

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