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Since I'm currently in the middle of my own little before and after project (tweaking the living room slightly), I thought I'd share a few others with you that I found on design*sponge. The big, dramatic ones are my favorites, of course, but I like the smaller projects that take a single piece of furniture or item and bring out its full potential in a little less time. Hope you enjoy!

This kitchen actually shares some features with mine: the wood countertop (bar) and white beadboard, but mine is less light-filled, and I don't have open shelving, which I absolutely love. My dream kitchen would be similar to this one, with a little more color. But I have to say that I envy that beautiful aqua blue Kitchenaid mixer (first after photo) quite a lot. {Sigh.} And now, for this magnificent dining room revamp by Rebekah of Orangepoppy, via design*sponge.

Isn't this incredible! I have to say, that I'm not usually a fan of doing one wall in a room different than the others, but the wallpaper on one wall is fantastic. It's like a movie backdrop -- so much color and punch, with just a couple rolls of lovely paper and a few hours of pasting! And those of you who know me don't even need to hear me say how much I love the color Rebekah painted that hutch. {A personal note: Mom, look how beautifully aqua and green harmonize here; and you were worried.} Now for just a few more small projects, which I think turned out really nicely.

I love this idea for turning an ugly grey metal filing cabinet into something beautiful as well as functional. The owner bought some rolls of wrapping paper from paper-source.com, (one of my favorite stationary/craft supply sites), and just decoupaged it on. If I ever have a serious craft room, I'm stealing this idea. To see more before and after photos on design*sponge, click here.

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  1. I think my green and blue together look much nicer than in this picture, but point well taken. My brilliant daughter is always right!



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