DIY Thursday: Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

I know, I know. I did this post last fall. "But some of my lovely readers are new!" I thought to myself, "and maye they'd like a little recap?" At any rate, I can't resist the chance to put something so pretty up for you, even if it is a re-run. I hope you enjoy the photos, and for the original, full length and in-depth tutorial, visit Danielle Thompson's fabulous post here.

After seeing this photo on flickr (taken by indierocket) of the absolutely gorgeous fabric pumpkins for sale at ink + peat in Portland, Danielle Thompson of Thompson Family Life decided to make her own. And the photos she took of her own fabric pumpkin creations blew me away. Just in time for Thanksgiving, everyone! Grab your scraps and craft away! I certainly intend to.

If you try it, send me photos!
{all images above are copyright Danielle Thomspson Photography.}


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