And what's so wrong with being personal, anyway?

Did any of you catch that? Movie quote; one of my favorites. I'll let you ruminate for a while. Yes, ruminate.

Meanwhile ...
12 Random Facts You May Not Know About Me:
• I never wear socks unless I’m getting in bed with cold feet.
•  have a dimple on the tip of my nose. (It gets worse.) A little white hair grows in there.
• I have a loud, unlady-like sneeze.
• I equate mowing the grass to being tortured by the fellows that ran the Spanish Inquisition.
• I have perfected an expression my brother used to call “the dead beaver face.”
• I have nice cursive handwriting, but I don’t like my printed hand.
• I never wear nail polish on my hands, and never go without it on my toes.
• My favorite shade of toenail polish is bright pink. It makes my feet even whiter in contrast, but I know it's no use trying to fool anybody.
• I’m a creature of habit.
• I’m addicted to chap stick. My favorite is Bonnie Bell’s Red Raspberry. When they stopped selling it at the one place in town I could still find it, my husband ordered me a whole box online.
• I’m addicted to Pilot P-500 Extra-Fine Blue Ink pens. I haven’t used anything else since high school. When they stopped selling them at the one place in town I could still find them, my husband ordered me a whole box online.
• For a while I didn’t believe in feelings. Then I met Nathan.
I'll have something more exciting for you tomorrow, friends. Promise.


  1. Is the quote from You've Got Mail? When Tom Hanks' character stops to visit Meg Ryan's character at her apartment after the store closes?

  2. Cor-rect, Stacey! Gold star for you! ... Ah, such a perfect movie ... Pride and Prejudice, sweet flowy dresses, a charming New York apartment, "bouquets of sharpened pencils," ... "I just can't help myself!"

  3. I knew you'd be able to let yourself cry one day. I never cried until I met your Father either. Hmmm - that sounds like our husbands always make us cry! But in a good way! And the little dimple on the tip of your nose is too cute anyway!
    Love, Mop

  4. Lol. I just watched YGM again last weekend. So many pretty details in that movie -- I love Meg Ryan's apartment so much. I kept pausing and reviewing so I could get a good look at everything.

  5. I almost never have my nail polish on my hands but I feel almost naked without it on my toes. and I am addicted to chapstick tooo! Can you tell?

    Love this post by the way. I may need to steal your idea...


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